Kidato Joins Y Combinator Winter 21 Program
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Kidato Joins Y Combinator Winter 21 Program

Kidato Joins Y Combinator Winter 21 Program

Kidato, we are thrilled to announce our acceptance and funding by Y Combinator in the Winter 2021 batch.

YC is a startup fund and program. Since 2005, YC has invested in nearly 3,000 companies including Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Instacart, Dropbox, and Coinbase. The combined valuation of YC companies is over $300B. YC has programs and resources that support founders throughout the life of their company.

Kidato is an online school for K-12 kids.Our vision is to provide a high-quality, affordable education to the growing middle class in Africa.

Parents in Africa face either public schools with student-teacher ratios as high as 50:1 or private schools with tuition fees as high as $7500 per year, per child. Kidato classes have student-teacher ratios of 5:1 and teach the same rigorous international curriculum as other private schools — but at a fraction of the price. In our second semester, Kidato has enrolled more than 30 students into our learning-from-home program as a replacement for brick-and-mortar schools. We expect to triple this enrollment by our third semester.

After the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, it became obvious that quality education does not have to be expensive, and the main asset in offering quality education is not the buildings, buses, theaters and well-trimmed soccer pitches, it’s the quality and passion of teachers.

At Kidato we have made it our goal to find and hire the best tutors. Kidato currently has over 32 tutors and has received over 500 applications in the last six months. Our rigorous shortlisting process is aimed at finding the most passionate, dedicated and reliable tutors. As a private tutor at Kidato, they not only work less hours compared to brick and mortar schools but also earn more.

Additional to the academic classes, we have integrated skill based, after school classes. We opened them to the public, with over 400 students registered and 200 students from 8 countries enrolled into different classes, such as coding, chess, languages, art and music. We also offer social activities like sports and educational field trips.

Y Combinator has helped us shape our mission, introduced us to an amazing community of founders globally and encouraged us to build a product that our parents and students want and love. We are privileged to have worked with amazing people on this journey: our YC Partners: Jared, Tim, Surbhi.

We are looking forward to shaping the face of education for 100,000+ students in the next 10 years, by exploring learning that is aligned to preparing our children for life and not just exams. We firmly believe the future of Africa is dependent on what we are teaching today's generation.